Update on the Steel Frame Houses (BISF) External Wall Insulation Project in Llandaff North

Update on the Steel Frame Houses (BISF) External Wall Insulation Project in Llandaff North
Your local Councillors, Dilwar Ali and Jennifer Burke-Davies, would like to inform local residents that Cardiff Council is working to deliver a scheme to overclad the Council’s Steel Frame Houses (BISF) properties with an insulated render system. The insulation will be fixed to the outside of the properties, on top of the existing steel cladding, making them more energy efficient and improving the aesthetics.
The Council has been working to appoint a contractor to deliver the improvement scheme. The aim is for all Council properties to be included in the scheme and the Council wants to ensure that owners can also be involved. Cardiff Council have recently been in contact with the Welsh Government about potential grant funding which (if they were successful in obtaining a grant) could help to reduce the project costs.
It is not yet clear if the bid will be successful but Cardiff Council does feel that this opportunity should be explored before the current scheme begins and to allow the Council to carry out in-depth surveys of the steel frame properties. The Council must to do this in order to determine if they could be awarded funding or not.
Over the next week a number of properties will receive a letter in the post, asking them to take part in the survey and with the aim of gathering all submissions by the end of November.
Once the survey work has been complete, and an update received from the Welsh Government, the aim will be for Cardiff Council  to get in touch with local residents to inform them of the future plans.  If you would like further information on this issue, please telephone 02920 537488 or  [email protected] .