Shed Burglaries – Advice

Shed and Garage Burglary – Llandaff North
Please be aware that there has been an increase in theft of property from sheds and garages in the area

CAN you please ensure that;-
1) You have a secure hasp and door hinges with threaded coach bolts with backing plates or large backing washers to prevent the bolt being pulled through the wood.
2) Ensure the door, door frame and walls are solid and replace any damaged or rotting areas with new sections
3) Replace any broken panes with laminated glass
4) Fit key operated windows locks on opening windows .If the windows are never opened , screw them permanently from the inside.
5) Fit wire mesh or bars to the inside of window frames.
6) Fit two closed shackle padlocks on strong padlock hasp, one a third of the way down form the top of the door, using coach bolts with backing plates.
7) Fit a shed burglar alarm(battery operated)
8) Secure valuable items separately to an anchor point
9) If you keep bikes or electrical property in the shed keep a copy of the registration numbers and security mark them. Postcode all property, you can use ultraviolet pens, engraving or stamping . You could even use spray paint (this reduces the saleable value to thieves).
10) Property with serial numbers can be registered free on
11) Never leave a garage or garden shed unlocked , especially if it has a connecting door to the house.
12) Up and over garage doors supplied with standard lock fittings should also be fitted with a padlock or lockable bolt.


Your garden as well as your house has valued possessions that thieves would love to steal or use to break into your house

DO NOT leave Christmas presents on display in your house or in your car
Be a nosey neighbour and keep an eye on their properties as well as your own.
Report anything suspicious to the Police either on the 101 number or if an incident is ongoing then 999.

Be Safe and Secure over the Christmas Period .

Fairwater Neighbourhood Policing Team
Llandaff North Officers
PC 2011 Nathan James – 07805 301220
PCSO 55373 Chris Leach – 07827 231614.

Whitchurch Officers
PC 642 Paul Tebbutt – 07805 301221
PC 3875 Stuart Cozens – 07967 234798

Call anonymously to crimestoppers – 0800 555 111

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