Recycling Project – Llandaff North

Llandaff North has been chosen for a recycling project to help Cardiff Council reach its statutory recycling target of 52 per cent in 2013/14. The project, funded by Waste Awareness Wales, will help increase resident’s awareness of food waste and recycling schemes, and also help identify the effectiveness of different communication methods.

How will it work?
A team of four recycling communications officers will follow the black bin waste collection vehicles. Stickers will be put on the black bins and a leaflet, produced by Waste Awareness Wales, will be posted through every door. The leaflets will give information on how to prevent food waste and will highlight the council’s food waste collection scheme.
Which areas will be taking part in the project?
The areas selected for the project are near Gabalfa Primary School and Llandaff Bridge, and part of Mynachdy.
The amount of recycled food waste will be monitored before and after the campaign to gauge its effectiveness. A check will also be kept on the number of requests for kitchen and kerbside caddies as well as caddy liners.

If you have any issues, comments /questions, please get in touch with us.
Cllr Dilwar Ali – Email: [email protected] or Mobile: 07734 880397
Cllr Sue White – Email:[email protected] or Mobile: 07779 354776