Public Consultation

Earlier this year, a public consultation was launched by the Council to feedback on how our Transport network works and how it could be improved.

As it stands, there has been good engagement across the city apart from in Llandaff North Ward. In order for the views of residents to be represented, we need to feedback on what issues we face and what we want to see done to ensure that the city works for us and grows in a sustainable way.

The latest figures from Public Health Wales suggest that the number of death per year that can be attributed to poor air quality has increased to over 225 across Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan. With Cardiff growing faster than any other UK city outside of London and projected to grow by more than every other local authority in Wales combined it is essential that action be taken before it is too late.

You can read the green paper here:…/Cardiff%27s%20Transport%20and%…

And you can feedback here:

It’s available on paper and also bilingually. Please take the time to fill in the Survey, it’s so important! Not just for the next 5 years but for the next 25 years + and the city we will leave to future generations!