Mynachdy Road, Appledore Road and Radyr Place area cleansing – Update

Mynachdy Road, Appledore Road and Radyr Place area cleansing – Update

The Street Cleansing teams predominantly work on a zone basis, similar to the Waste Collection teams, but one working day later. Therefore, in Llandaff North, as waste is collected on Tuesdays, street cleansing is undertaken on Wednesdays.

Please note that this schedule is delayed when Bank Holidays occur during any given week. For example, the Bank Holidays of December 25 and 26 2012 delayed Llandaff North cleansing by two days, resulting in the scheduled work being undertaken on Friday 28 December 2012.

In light of our communication to Council and local resident concerns, the Council confirm that a Street Cleansing Supervisor has been requested to inspect the above areas on 3 January 2012 and arrange for any necessary cleansing of the Adopted Highway to be undertaken.

The Street Cleansing Supervisors will also regularly monitor the area to ensure that cleansing is being properly undertaken on all parts of the Adopted Highway under the weekly cleansing programme so that a satisfactory standard of cleanliness is being attained.

If you have any comments / questions about this issue, please get in touch with us.
Cllr Dilwar Ali
Email: [email protected], Mobile: 07734 880397 – Tel: 2062 4134
Cllr Siobhan Corria
Email: [email protected], Mobile: 07805 305925 – Tel: 2056 9086

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