£70 fines for moving traffic offences

Moving traffic fines
Fines of £70 for drivers who commit moving traffic offences in Cardiff were introduced at the start of December.

These offences include:

• Driving in bus lanes (unless you are driving a permitted vehicle or allowing an emergency vehicle to pass)
• Stopping in yellow box junctions when your exits are blocked
• Parking on zig zag lines outside schools

Enforcement will be carried out using existing CCTV cameras and new mobile cameras. Existing fixed cameras will be used along with mobile cameras. An electric car will be used to tour schools and check that zig zag lines are kept clear.

All recordings will be reviewed by a Civil Enforcement Officer before a decision is made to issue a penalty.

Where there are genuine reasons for a moving traffic contravention, such as entering a bus lane temporarily to make way for an emergency vehicle, the recording will be erased and images of permitted vehicles will automatically be deleted.
The licensed owner of any unpermitted vehicle who contravenes a motoring regulation will receive a notice including a £70 penalty charge and still images of the traffic offence.

The notice will contain a link to a website showing a short video clip of the offence taking place.

If you are issued with a notice for a moving traffic contravention you will be given the opportunity to appeal.

Note: Information copy from Council website.