Making Cardiff a Greener City

Cardiff Council is continuing to make the city a greener and better place for everyone to live in. A new pilot scheme is being proposed to increase the number of vehicle electrical charging points across the city.

The Labour administration in Cardiff Council is planning to bid for UK or Welsh Government funding this summer for an expansion of the capital’s green transport infrastructure. The council hopes to be a ‘catalyst for change’.

An action plan has been produced by the council outlining its priorities and will be discussed by Cardiff Council’s Labour Cabinet tomorrow (April 19th).

This proposal is linked with the recently launched Transport & Clean Air Green Paper ( which asks the public on their views on a variety of issues to improve air quality and reduce congestion in the city.

Electric vehicles are the most cost-effective option for small vehicles, pool cars and smaller white vans, provided that adequate charging points are in place.

The council hopes to have its fleet of small vehicles converted to alternative fuel by 2022, and its heavy goods vehicles by 2030.

For more information on the work Cardiff Council is doing to make our city a more cleaner place to live, please see:

Photo Credit: Wales Online