Local Schools – parking issue during dropping off and collection

We have received numbers of complaints from residents near the school regarding parking during dropping off and collection times. We have met with all school, (Headteacher of Gabalfa Primary School and Ysgol Gymraeg Glan Ceubal) to sent out a letter to all parents to emphasise the importance of parking a safe distance from the school and avoiding congestion.

Councillors Dilwar Ali And Siobhan Corria are working with the Senior Council Officer and had a meeting to improve the situation regarding parking, yellow marking lines, potholes road resurfacing, also requesting Zebra Crossing or Pelican (Pedestrian Light Crossing) and the safety of the children, Gabalfa Primary, Ysgol Gymraeg Glan Ceubal and the Meadow Bank School.
The concerned about parking vehicles inconsiderately and often illegally on the zig-zag lines outside the school gates and surrounding areas. If the parents could all adhere to a few simple procedures to help reduce congestion and help ensure the safety of all pupils.

Drop your child off as far away from the school gate as possible and walk the remainder of the way.

• Do not park on pavements as this makes pedestrian access very difficult and often dangerous.

• Do not park opposite another car as the road is very narrow and other vehicles cannot pass.

• Do not park opposite the school gates – children often cross the road at these points and good visibility is essential.

• Car parking spaces are for staff members only. Visitors to the school should park considerately on the road outside the school.

• Do not access the school via the staff car park – please use the main school pedestrian gates at the front.

• Police have asked us to advise parents that: ”The Police will take enforcement action regarding any road traffic offences which may result in a monetary fine and or penalty points on your driving licence.”
We hope that all parents/carers will make a positive step and find a legal and safe place to park for the school drop off/pick up.
The safety of our children is paramount; it only takes one child to run out into the road and we would all be devastated.

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