Hawthorn Road East Carriageway Surface Treatment

Hawthorn Road East Carriageway Surface Treatment 

Your local Councillors, Dilwar and Jennifer, are pleased to announce that continued improvements and investment in the local area are scheduled to take place in September of this year, with Hawthorn Road East benefiting from Cardiff Councils Carriageway Surface Treatment Programme.

The treatment of Hawthorn Road East is called ‘Micro Asphalt’ and will improve the condition of your road for years to come.

The Micro Asphalt surfacing will keep the road surface in good condition and considerably extend the life of the road.

Please find below an illustration of the section of the road that will be treated, as well information on how the treatment process works.

The enclosed plan shows the section of road that will be treated. It is intended that the work will be undertaken between 30/09/2017 and 10/10/2017 and take approximately 1 day to complete. Advance Warning signs will be placed at either end of the road informing residents of the above dates.

No Parking signs will then be erected approximately 3 days prior to works commencing on lampposts/trees along the road informing residents of the actual start date.

As this process is weather dependant, dates can change, we would therefore encourage residents to monitor the No Parking signs in case of any changes to the programme of works.

Regular updates will be provided on the Council’s website so you can check to see the latest schedule (https://www.cardiff.gov.uk/highway-improvements).