Have Your Say on Arrangements for School Admissions by 30th Jan 2018

***Have Your Say on Arrangements for School Admissions by 30th Jan 2018***

Cardiff Council is asking people to put forward their views on options to change how the school applications process works in the city, including one option to create feeder primary schools.

The options included in the consultation focus on how council allocates places at schools which are oversubscribed.

The council has to review its school admission arrangements each year. As these have remained broadly the same in Cardiff since 2001, it is time to explore the merits of new options, ensuring that the council maintain a fair, transparent and clear application system.

The public consultation follows an independent report by Cardiff University, commissioned by the council to research how school applications are managed in other local authority areas.

Cardiff Council is looking at ways of making sure that school places available are used in a way that best meets the needs of the local communities schools they serve.

Members of the public have until January 30, 2018 to submit their comments. The results of the consultation will be presented to Cabinet in the spring, when a final decision is expected to be made on whether to make changes, which would come into effect from September 2019 if given the go ahead.

The consultation can be accessed online via www.cardiff.gov.uk/admissionarrangements