Harsh reality of life today

Harsh reality of life today
The cost of living crisis was spotlighted by Labour leader Ed Milliband when he talked to the people of Cardiff. Ed walked through the city centre and talked to workers and shoppers on Friday. He said that life today was harsh for workers.“The reality for many,many people in work is that they are finding that their work is insecure, they are low paid and their issues are not being dealt with by Parliament.” Ed said Labour was calling for an energy price freeze, promoting a living wage and was set to tackle zero hour contracts.
The reality of life in Britain today is revealed in Truths and Lies about Poverty produced by the Church in Wales and Oxfam Cymru.
It states : “Poverty is Wales is on the increase. Today 23 per cent of people in Wales live on less than 60 per cent of the average wage, one per cent up on last year. That is about 700,000 of our fellow citizens. “One third of the children in Wales are affected by poverty, going without food or living in homes which are cold and damp.”
The report reveals that the majority of children in poverty are from working households. “In work poverty is now more common than out of work poverty.” That is why Labour is focusing on the cost of living crisis. Welsh Labour’s Parliamentary candidate in Cardiff North, Mari Williams, said the campaign for an energy price freeze was getting massive backing. “Many thousands of people In Cardiff North and Wales have signed the Freeze that Bill petition. The cost of living crisis is still too real for many people. We can do more and make sure the people of Cardiff get a better deal.”
Labour is scoring on the health front in Wales
The Conservative government has been knocking health care in Wales but these facts speak for themselves
Nursing staff is increasing in Wales every year
Community nursing numbers are rising in Wales but falling in England
Providing more local health services
The NHS in Wales is committed to providing more local community health services
Hospital beds
NHS beds being cut in England at a faster rate than in Wales
Rated ‘excellent’
Palliative care services in Wales are rated excellent by families
Cheaper to see a dentist
Seeing a dentist is cheaper in Wales than in England —it costs £5.50 more to have your teeth examined in England than in Wales
Free prescriptions
Wales led Scotland and Ireland in scrapping prescription charges. Patients in England still have to pay £8.05 for every item and next year the charge is set to go up to £8.25
Wales has been commended around the world for its response to last year’s measles outbreak. And the latest figures show that childhood immunisation rates are higher in Wales than England