Gulley Closure between 19-21 Gabalfa Avenue and 8-10 Lydstep Crescent

Following a request to close/gate the above gulley path, we have received the details from legal and the residents attached to the gulley with a Right of Way (ROW) have been identified. A letter from the Council will be sent out to the 6 residents with a ROW to establish whether closure is possible in the first instance.

The gulley path can only be closed if all residents with a private ROW are willing to relinquish their right over the lane. If this is not possible, then the Council will consider gating as an alternative option to reduce the crime and anti-social behaviour in the gulley.

If you have any comments / questions about the work, please get in touch with us.
Cllr Dilwar Ali
Email: [email protected], Mobile: 07734 880397 – Tel: 2062 4134
Cllr Siobhan Corria
Email: [email protected], Mobile: 07805 305925 – Tel: 2056 9086

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