10 things you need to know about the new bus interchange

1) Claims are being made that the new bus interchange funding hasn’t been secured. Is this correct?

This is NOT correct. The Council has allocated resources to fund the bus interchange element of the building on the ground floor. The developer’s preferred funding approach for the whole building will be finalised by the time the NCP car park is demolished to allow the project to move straight into the construction phase.

2) When is the NCP car park going to be demolished?

This has already started. The soft-strip has commenced and will be followed immediately by the physical demolition of the building. There will be a temporary road closure of Great Western Lane from the first week of April.

3) Claims have been made that the new design will not be able to accommodate any future modifications of Cardiff Central Train Station and the Metro project. Is this true?

NO, this isn’t true. The design will be able to accommodate any future plans for Cardiff Central Train Station and the METRO. This was made clear in the recent planning application for the new interchange.

4) So does the new bus interchange have planning permission?

Yes – the new facility has full planning permission subject to the completion of the section 106 agreement.

5) So is the Council responsible for delivering the entire building – the bus interchange and what is proposed to go above it?

No – currently the Council will only be financing and be responsible for the bus interchange on ground level. The development proposed to go above the bus interchange is the responsibility of the developer – Rightacres Property Ltd.

6) Claims have been made that now that the bus station has been demolished, there will not be a replacement. Is this true?

Planning permission has been granted for a new bus station and preparatory work for the build has already begun with the demolition of Marland House, and works have also now begun on demolishing the NCP Car Park. The original terminus building was demolished in 2008. Plans to redevelop the bus station at the time failed to materialise. The Council then developed a new proposal that sought to regenerate the whole of the area in front of Cardiff Central Station to create a new modern gateway to the city. This began with a comprehensive land assembly strategy which enabled the Council to a take full control of the area. In August 2015, the old bus station closed to enable the start of the Central Square development. As part of this, plans for a new bus interchange on the Marland House/NCP car park site were brought forward and are in the process of being delivered today.

7) What facilities will be provided at the new bus interchange?

The new bus interchange will have modern facilities which will allow people to wait for their bus in comfortable surroundings. There will be places to eat and drink as well as toilet facilities. The new facility will be a 24-hour operation with CCTV installed.

The facility will also have a cycle hub, so people are able to travel by bike to the bus station, safely lock up their bike and interchange with travel by bus or train.

A tourist information and travel information centre will also be built in the new facility – which is in close proximity to the bus interchange and Cardiff Central Train Station.

8) Was there public consultation on the new bus interchange?

Yes – there has been extensive public consultation and engagement on this development. This started when the scheme was announced and prior to the bus station closing in August 2015 when an information caravan toured the city for a month.

Further consultation then took place by the Developer and the Council when the planning permission was submitted and the feedback was fed back into the design for the new development.

9) Claims have been made that travel by coach will be excluded from the new facility. Is this true?

NO, this is not true. People will be able to travel by coach from the new facility 24 hours a day. People will be able to wait for their coach in comfortable secure surroundings which will be monitored by CCTV.

10) Claims have been made that the new bus interchange is too small. Is this true?

NO, this is not true. The bus station will not be too small. The old bus station accommodated 72 local, regional and national bus departures per hour, using a maximum capacity of 19 out of 22 stands. Analysis of the new bus interchange model shows that it is possible to accommodate 112 departures from 14 stands. The new facility will use state-of-the-art technology and real time information displays.