More fly tipping

Keep Llandaff North clean!

A sofa was dumped at the back of Station Road, Llandaff North, in the latest incident of fly tipping. The rubbish dumped at the back of the old Co-op store also included a black bag and carpet pieces. Dilwar reported the issue to the Council and asked for the rubbish to be removed.

We appeal to every resident living in our lovely ward to help keep it clean. Sue would like to thank the Mary Street resident who recently helped her collect the contents of a recycling bag which were blowing around around the entrance to Hailey Park after the bag split. And a big thank-you to everybody who clears any rubbish they see lying around.

If you have any issues, comments /questions, please get in touch with us.
Cllr Dilwar Ali – Email: [email protected] or Mobile: 07734 880397
Cllr Sue White – Email:[email protected] or Mobile: 07779 354776