Dog fouling and signage in Llandaff North

Local Environmental Quality Enforcement Officers visited the location on 18 October 2012 and erected dog fouling signs in the locations stated in Llandaff North.

As the Council sure you will appreciate, dog fouling is a difficult crime to enforce against, as you need to catch someone in the act in order to issue a Fixed Penalty Notice. Therefore, if you are aware of who is responsible for the dog fouling, enforcement can take action against the individual provided that we are given the name and address of the offender and a reliable witness that is willing to testify. Alternatively, if you could let Council know the usual time and place of the offence, the Council ensure this is when the enforcement officers visit in future so that our actions can be targeted more effectively.

Education Enforcement Officers along with the Local Environmental Quality Team will be undertaking weekly 2 hour Patrols in areas of Cardiff in order to catch offenders who are not removing their dogs’ faeces. The offenders will be issued with a penalty notice of £75.

If you witness anyone allowing their dog to foul and not removing the faeces feel free to report this to Connect 2 Cardiff on 02920 20872087 and we can take action.

A patrol has been scheduled in the locations stated and appropriate enforcement action will be taken on any offenders.

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