Direct Payments – Your Care, Your Way

Direct Payments – Your Care, Your Way

If you care for a relative or friend or if you know someone who has been assessed to have a care need, you will understand how important it is that they receive the right level of care at a time that suits their needs.

If they are eligible for social care services they may prefer to organise services themselves rather than let the council do this for them. This is called Direct Payments.

What are Direct Payments?

Direct Payments are a type of personal budget with regular payments made to people with assessed care needs or a named ‘suitable person’ so that they can choose, control and pay for social care services directly. The principle of Direct Payments is to allow people to take greater control over the care and support they receive.

What are the benefits of Direct Payments?

You take more of the decisions that affect your life.
Day-to-day control of the money and provision of your care is given to you, the service user.
More flexibility and choice, enabling you to purchase care that is better suited to your individual needs.
You make arrangements directly so that any staff you employ report to you.
You organise the timetable for your care.
You can receive care in your home from an independent care provider of your choice.
Praise for Direct Payments

Martin: “I’ve been using Direct Payments for over 10 years and it has given me freedom as I can choose who cares for me and when. I was also trained in how to look after my accounts, so even though Diverse Cymru calculate my staff wages, I am able to take care of my direct payment account and paperwork. They give you a lot of valuable support.”

Ann: “Direct Payments has had an enormous positive impact on me and my family’s quality of life. With the assistance of my allocated Direct Payment support worker I have been empowered to interview and employ my own Personal Assistants. This choice has enabled me to have the package of care that best suits my individual needs.”

To find out more about Direct Payments:

Call: 029 20 536444
Email: [email protected]
Textphone: 07971 790883

(information copy from Council Website)

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