Children of Gabalfa Primary climb their ladder of success and new ideas

Children of Gabalfa Primary climb their ladder of success and new ideas

Children, staff and parents of Gabalfa Primary School have been welcomed to the Council Chamber in County Hall to officially launch their new pupil initiative – the Gabalfa Ladder.

Headteacher Mrs Carrie Jenkins and the representatives of the school community were formally welcomed by Deputy Leader, and Cabinet Member for Education, Employment and Skills, Cllr Sarah Merry, ward member for Llandaff North, Cllr Dilwar Ali, and Welsh Assembly Member for Cardiff North, Julie Morgan AM.

The Gabalfa Ladder has been developed by the school to give the children a voice in nine key areas – or steps – each run by the pupils themselves (with a little help from their teachers and teaching assistants).

Mrs Carrie Jenkins said: “Our exciting new pupil voice ‘Ladder’ is providing a great way for all pupils to put forward their views and ideas, and have a key role in helping our continual school improvement.

“I am really proud of the way the pupils have shown real dedication and enthusiasm in picking up the Gabalfa Ladder and getting it pointing to the sky. Even in these early stages, we are already finding their contributions hugely beneficial. If they can do all this in a matter of months, I can’t wait to see what their energy and commitment will achieve in the future.”

Each step of the Gabalfa Ladder also has their own logo, designed by the children have designed. The nine steps are:

Attendance Bug (motto: Bee good and on time)
Techno Heroes (motto: Whenever there’s a problem…we’ll be there)
Fitness Warriors (motto: Stay pumped and stay strong)
Fantastic Healthy Eaters (motto: Better eating, better learning)
Eco Champions (motto: Healthy environment, healthy me)
Curriculum Challengers (motto: Work hard, have fun and succeed)
Criw Cymraeg (motto: Byw a dysgu yng Nghmryu)
CLACH (motto: Making the community count)
Business Buddies (motto: Love life and raise)

Cllr Sarah Merry said: “I thoroughly enjoyed meeting the children from each step of the Gabalfa Ladder, and hearing about the hard work they’ve put in to getting started, the successes they’ve already had, and the great plans they’ve got for the future. The school’s motto is ‘Listening and doing. Delivering everyone’s rights‘ and the Gabalfa Ladder is a fantastic example of that ethos being put into action.

“Ensuring that our children and young people have a voice in shaping the future of Cardiff is hugely important. It is great to see the way that Mrs Jenkins and her staff have given the pupils a way of getting involved at a young age. I’m sure the young children will go on to be active members of the community later in life, full of ideas to help the city for years to come.”