Cardiff’s anti-bullying awards are now open for nominations

Nominations are now open for Inspire Awards 2017, Cardiff’s honours to recognise those who take a stand against bullying.

Now in its eighth year, the awards are designed to celebrate the children, young people and adults who have the courage and strength of character to stand up for or support someone they know is being bullied.

These acts of courage and kindness often go unrecognised, but they can make all the difference to the lives of the people they help. Inspire Awards 2017 is an opportunity to say thank you to those who contribute positively in some way to the happiness, acceptance and security of others within the city’s schools and communities.

Cabinet Member for Education, Employment and Skills, Cllr Sarah Merry said: “It is vital that we continue to promote anti-bullying across our city’s schools and communities and these awards help to highlight the positive work being carried out to help tackle the issue, by creating a positive, supportive and caring environment.

“Inspire Awards 2017 is a wonderful way to say thank you to those individuals who are providing friends, peers or colleagues with the support and advice they need to overcome difficult situations.

“I encourage people to come forward and submit their nominations so that we can congratulate these truly inspiring people and celebrate the incredible support they offer to those they know when needed the most.”

Nominations can be made in one of seven categories:

1. School award – whole school approach Primary

2. School award – whole school approach Secondary

3. Non-Teaching/Teaching Staff Individual Award – Primary

4. Non-Teaching/Teaching Staff Individual Award – Secondary

5. Alternative Provision Award – examples such as youth, sports, music, arts, wellbeing, clubs, training providers /academies, young carers, projects.

6. Young Person Individual award – Primary

7. Young person individual award – Secondary

Last year saw school-children and young people, teachers and other school staff, parents, members of the community and local businesses gather to reward the winners and recognise the nominees.

Winner of the Young Person Secondary School category 2016, Nadia Khalun said; “I’m really proud that I won this award because it made me feel better about myself, because I know that I made an impact on someone else’s life and I made someone else happy, just by helping them through the difficult times when people weren’t that nice to them.

“If anyone is thinking about getting involved and helping someone I would say go for it because you can change someone else’s life with just a smile, you can change someone else’s life and maybe they’ll be able to change the world. One small thing can change the entire world, so go ahead and go for it – reach for the stars!”

David Griffiths, Head teacher at Ton-yr-Ywen Primary School, winner of the School Award: “Winning the Inspire Award was a wonderful surprise for everyone at the school. We heard about it no long after our Random-acts- of-kindness week. It was a lovely surprise and something wonderful to share with the school. None of them have spread that kindness for any particular reason, apart from just to make other people happier, so it was great to get this recognition and it made us all happy too – the kindness came back to us.

“We spent the whole of Random-acts-of-kindness weekfocussing on what kindness was and to spread kindness as far as we could. We wanted to get absolutely everybody involved, so we got the children, we got the staff, we got the parents and we reached out to the community and wanted every single child in every single class to spread some happiness, spread some kindness all around our local community.”

Leanne Ryan, winner of the Staff Award (Primary School): “I’m not used to this kind of thing, this is amazing, and it’s a real privilege to be here among the people that have gone above and beyond. I would say to anyone involved in education, with young children or with caring – it’s a hard job and you don’t always get the recognition, so it’s really nice to know that you’re appreciated and that people are actually noticing what you do every day and that you are making a difference.”

Online nominations can be made

  • The deadline is Friday 6, October2017.

Inspire Awards 2017 is organised by Cardiff Against Bullying, the City of Cardiff Council’s anti-bullying team. The team works in partnership with schools, charities, South Wales Police, parents, carers and children and young people to support those experiencing bullying or bullying others.

Bullying can have a devastating effect on the lives of children and their families. Cardiff Against Bullying aims to reduce incidents and create a supportive environment where children and young people feel safe.

More information on Cardiff Against Bullying is available online