Cardiff leads the way in Recycling

Cardiff’s impressive recycling rates were recently praised to mark Recycle Week – but more still needs to be done.

Recycle rates in Cardiff have increased from 4% to 58% over the last 15 years making it the UK’s best Core City in terms of recycling. However, Cardiff needs to recycle a further estimated 20,000 tonnes of the city’s waste by 2025 to meet the Welsh Government’s 70% target.

Even when accounting for the differences in collection data, with a recycling rate of 58.1% Cardiff outperforms other major UK Core Cities. According to the latest official figures Bristol has a recycling rate of 43.4%, Edinburgh is on 42.3%, Manchester’s rate is 36% and Glasgow has reached 26%.

Last December, a leading study by the environment consultancy Eunomia named Wales the third best recycling nation in the World because of a recycling rate of 64%.