Budget Consultation 2013-14

Budget Consultation 2013-14

On 31 January the Majority Party on the Council set out its draft proposals for the Council’s 2013-14 Budget.

The Council’s budget is funded from a number of sources. These are grants from the Welsh Government (60%), Business Rates (18%) and Council Tax (22%). The Majority Party is committed to freeze Council Tax for 2013-14 and due to significant cuts in the amount of funding which the Welsh Government receives from the Westminster Government, local councils across Wales and England are being forced to make real term cuts in the amount that they currently spend on the services they provide. In Cardiff next year, the Council has to cut £22.5 million – approximately 15% of its total budget – in order to bring the amount it spends in line with the total amount that it will receive in funding.

Finding a further £22.5 million

There is no easy way to find £22.5 million worth of savings from the Council’s budget. Councillors have thought long and hard about the best way to do this and at every stage have taken advice from Council officers.

At this stage, these are draft budget proposals. The final budget will be set at Full Council on Thursday 28 February following consultation with other political parties in the Council and an intensive Scrutiny process.

For the first time,the Administration is also launching a public consultation exercise on the draft budget proposals. The consultation will run until Tuesday 19 February and the Administration will give serious consideration to all responses received. The consultation exercise will:

• Ask for views on the overall budget proposals.

• Ask for views on the proposal to freeze Council Tax.

• Ask for views on the key principles that have been considered when preparing the budget proposals

• Ask for any alternative proposals to save money or change the way the Council provides services.

• Ask if there is anything else the Council should consider when it finalises next year’s budget.

Give your views

Please click here to view the budget proposals and background information and complete an online feedback form to let us have your views.

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