BISF Properties – Update

The Council is developing plans to begin improvement work to the BISF properties as from April 2013. Between now and April the council will be developing options for:

  • The removal of the the steel cladding,
  • Undertaking any necessary repairs to the steel frame
  • And re-cladding using an external insulated render system

Some properties will also need the roofs replaced if they still have steel sheet roofs.

The Coucil have 496 BISF properties in Cardiff located in pockets of Llandaff North/Gabalfa, Caerau and Rumney.  Part of the work we will be undertaking will be to develop a programme for delivering these improvements and agreeing, with Councillors which area to target first.  Much of this programming will hinge on the availability of funding and developing options for residents who have bought their BISF houses to be involved in the project.  The Council will need to identify a separate funding stream to enable owners to be funded and if the  Council can not identify funding for this, it will have to decide to what extent it can include privately owned properties.

Please contact Councillors Dilwar Ali and Siobhan Corria if you have any questions or comments about the improvement project for BISF properties.

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