Bellway Homes Development Site, Andrews Road – Update

We have been contacted by residents who have been concerned about the Bellway Homes development and we would like to provide an update.

An officer from the Pollution Team recently visited the site and did observe a noticeable accumulation of mud/soil on the highway.

The main public highway (Andrews Road) provides access to parts of the construction site and as such vehicles going to and from the site as well as resident’s vehicles will pass in front of the existing houses. The mud has been deposited on the road by vehicles leaving the site. Where mud is present on the road then this will inevitably lead to the raising of dust into the air where upon some of it will deposit upon the front of homes and on cars.

From the officer’s visit, it was difficult to comprehend whether the the construction company has a road cleaning/sweeping programme in place but judging from the amount of material on the road either there isn’t a programme or it is inadequate. The main highway in front of the houses was dry, indicating no recent cleaning activity.

Whilst accepting that there will be some dust deposited on nearby residences when they are this close to a construction site, the officer held the view that the situation could be improved for local residents. At the very least the construction company should be employing a browser during dry weather to keep the road damp to lessen the risk of deposited materials being raised to air by site and other vehicles during the day. Additionally, the road should be swept at least once per day, certainly at the end of the day, and possibly at least once during the day.

The condition of the highway is a matter for the Highway Authority and has been referred accordingly. The Pollution Control team has powers to act in the event of dust deposition onto property from the site itself but not from the highway as the highway isn’t “premises” for the purposes of the legislation that the Council enforce.

We endeavour to update when we have further information from the Highways department.

In the meantime, please contact us if you would like to discuss this letter or think we can assist in any other matters.

Yours sincerely,
Cllr Dilwar Ali & Cllr Siobhan Corria

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