Antifreeze kills 10,000’s of our pets every year

This is “Sweeney” in the picture – he was put to sleep most likely because of poisoning from antifreeze (he’s now the 5th cat we know in the West Road/Radyr Road area of Llandaff North in the past few months). Sweeney was a year old. He came to a local resident as a kitten (was given to Four Paws Animal Rescue South Wales with his mother along with his siblings –  fostered him when he was ready to leave her and the rest is history).

Cardiff of chronic renal failure due to antifreeze. Sadly the same is happening in other areas of the UK.

Please sign if you agree – and pass on if you can:

Antifreeze kills 10,000’s of our pets every year. It tastes sweet – many cats & dogs will lick it off the ground, then die from kidney failure within 48hrs unless treated by a vet immediately. In the USA there is an Antifreeze Bill 2399 in Senate & it’s banned in 5 US states unless it contains a bitterant. An 11 year old girl got this Bill to Senate! Antifreeze has also been used to spike people’s drinks in clubs, more recently used in an attempted murder where the man was fed antifreeze in his food and again in juice whilst lying in ICU in hospital. If it didn’t taste sweet, it couldn’t be hidden in food/drink AND cats/dogs/wildlife wouldn’t be attracted to it. Most screenwash contains antifreeze yet few of these products contain ingredients or hazard warnings on the labels.

There is no mention of the danger to animals. We want clear labelling outlining how dangerous it is; a bitterant adding to it; antifreeze manufacturers to take responsibility in full knowledge that they are possibly breaching the Animal Welfare Act 2006 by causing unnecessary suffering by failing to disclose the dangers of their product by not providing this information on their labels. A manufacturer in Wales has created a non-toxic antifreeze with zero fatality. It does not cost more to produce.


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