120 – 174 Western Avenue North – Grass Verges

Western Avenue North has experienced parking problems due to UWIC (Western Avenue) not having car parking provision for students. There has been parking on the grass verges on the Western Avenue side of Western Avenue North and as a result, the verges have been damaged and look unsightly.

Residents have recently received a letter from the Land and Asset Officer informing them that work is due to take place on 13th August 2012. A knee high wooden fence will be installed on the verges to stop cars parking there.

There has been a delay to the work at 120-174 Western Avenue North grass verge. Following a consultation with the Parks department, the intended proposed bollards were unsuitable and an alterative was required. The initial bollards would have been harmful to the roots of the trees on the verge and it has been agreed to install knee-high railings instead.

The improvement works are due to start on the week commencing the 13th August 2012 and the contractor carrying out the work will be LGA Limited.

As part of the work there will be machinery in Western Avenue North. Weather permitting, works will take around 2-3 weeks to complete.

If you have any comments / questions about the work, please get in touch.

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