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Votes at 16 – Local Councillors & MP join together to lower voting age
A Private Member’s Bill will be unveiled in the House of Commons today that could pave the way for 1.5 million people aged 16 and over to cast their vote at the next general election.

The Votes at 16 campaign is supported by your local MP Anna McMorrin, AM Julie Morgan and Llandaff North Councillors, Dilwar Ali and Jennifer Burke-Davies. Cardiff Council passed a Motion on Votes at 16 in 2015 and the recent Electoral Reform consultation was very positive in Wales. Sadly, the campaign to give 16 year old’s the right to vote is opposed by the Prime Minister, Theresa May.

Councillor Dilwar Ali will join Anna McMorrin MP and campaigners at Parliament today. Cllr Ali has long supported the campaign and strongly believes that “votes at 16 will empower young people to be active citizens within our democracy.”.