Telecare Cardiff – Providing The Extra Support You Need To Stay Independent At Home

Telecare Cardiff, Cardiff Council’s response and warden service, is offering customers across Cardiff both free equipment and free installation to help them remain independent in their own homes.

The service provides help and support to vulnerable individuals across the city, regardless of where they live: whether in a council, privately owned or rented home.

Telecare Cardiff gives peace of mind to customers’ families and carers, and includes the installation of state-of-the-art, easy-to-use equipment in individual homes which are linked to a contact centre where operators can arrange the appropriate response: from calling a family member, doctor or sending one of the service’s highly trained mobile wardens.

A range of products are available, including:

– a discreet pendant with a push button alarm;
– bogus caller buttons;
– carbon monoxide detectors;
– epilepsy sensors;
– key-safes;
– …and more.

For a limited time only, Telecare is offering customers both free equipment and free installation.

From as little as 28p a day for monitoring charges, customers could have the comfort of knowing that someone is available 24/7, 365 days year. The team can advise customers of the best packages and, if applicable, monitoring charges that suit individual needs.

More than 98% of customers say that they would recommend the service, and 92% feel the service helps them remain independent at home.

To find out more about the services and products available from Telecare Cardiff, visit or call 029 2053 7080.