Nationwide Campaign Launch – EU Settlement Scheme

A new nationwide campaign will launch this week (30 March 2019) to encourage EU citizens to apply early for the EU Settlement Scheme.
It enables EU citizens to protect the rights they currently have in the UK. Applicants will only need to prove their identity, demonstrate their UK residence, and declare any criminal convictions.
The scheme, which has been designed in consultation with EU citizens, employers and community groups, is free to use via a new online application process.
The application process has been tested since August 2018 and so far nearly 200,000 people have received status under the scheme.
Deal or no deal, EU citizens will have until at least 31 December 2020 to apply.
The campaign will be visible at around 6,000 sites across the UK, with outdoor advertising at key locations, followed by eye-catching adverts on catch-up TV, radio, social media and online once the scheme is fully up and running on Saturday 30 March.